Lessons to be Learned from the Alfred Angleo Bankruptcy

Lessons to be Learned from the Alfred Angelo Bankruptcy
Alfred Angelo Leaves Thousands without Gowns

If you are planning a wedding or are involved in the wedding industry, you undoubtedly know that Alfred Angelo filed for bankruptcy this summer leaving thousands of brides and bridesmaids without their dresses.

The company did "apologize" saying the following on their web site:

The Chapter 7 Trustee greatly regrets the upset that Alfred Angelo’s July 14th bankruptcy filing has caused its customers. While we have been successful in obtaining customer records and delivering many dresses and accessories for customers all over the country, even after the bankruptcy filing date, it has now become apparent that the logistical and financial strain of fulfilling each and every open order makes continuing that course of action no longer possible.

Thus, to the extent any order has not been fully delivered to a customer, it shall have to remain unfilled...

If you are one of the unlucky people who did not receive your order, you can try the following to recoup your losses:

  1. Click here to complete a proof of claim.
  2. Dispute any charges with your credit card company.
  3. Check with your Wedding Insurance, if you bought it, to see if this qualfies as a loss for a claim under that policy.
  4. Take a look at the Alfred Angelo gowns* that are on Amazon to see if you can find your gown there - its worth a shot if you loved your gown!
Chicago Based Startup "Brideside" Has Offered to Help

Brideside, a Chicago based startup, posted on their blog that they are offering quick ship, rush and discount options for canceled Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid dresses. Click here to read the details of what Brideside is offering.

Lessons Learned

Businesses sometimes go out of business and / or file bankruptcy - it is a fact of life. Businesses and equipment sometimes get destroyed in fires. There is no way to stop something like this from happening to you! It happened to me when I was getting married, my venue went out of business two and a half months before the wedding.

If you want to protect your big day, there are a few things you can do:

  • Purchase Wedding Insurance, it is fairly inexpensive and worth the peace of mind.
  • Use one credit card just for the wedding and put as many deposits and payments on it as possible. Credit cards offer protections that other payment options do not.
  • Hire a professional Wedding Planner thaat will know strategies for avoiding problems on your wedding day and also typically understands wedding contracts.
  • Get signed contracts in writing with every vendor detailing everything you discussed.
  • Put together a wedding day emergency kit or buy one online*.
  • Come up with a back up plan for every aspect of your wedding, if this happens then I will...
  • Try not to let problems that arise ruin your big day - marriage can be messy, why shouldn't the wedding be a little messy too?

*The links marked with asterisks are affiliate links to pages or products on Amazon that I like. If you use the links and then buy something from Amazon, I may get a very small percentage of the sale from Amazon that helps support this site. I am picky about this and don't link to a bunch of crazy things - just things that I think are helpful to you! Thanks for your support.

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